This Here is Mr. Encino

This is Mork’s father, Mordecai Encino. Below please find video that leads myself and my wife to believe that our son is dead. RIP Mork, you idiot.

Arrangements are still in the process of being made. They found Rodney with some distant kin in Pensacola and the authorities are considering our request to hold the viewing hours at the Pine Lodge. We have no doubt that this is what Mork would have wanted.

There is much to bemoan here today. All his life, Mork railed against an army of invisible “haters” who stood between him and any kind of success. It is my hope that he finds peace and contentment and maybe a job in heaven. Raise a mug of boxed blush in Mork’s honor if you can find the time. Thank you.


Mordecai Encino


Jump to 5:30 to hear ‘em discuss Mork. And a special hello to Ms. Jenny Churchill!

what in the blue hell?  

Mork in Asia

sweetass hog skin. 

Sweet Mork Jams

Mork Encino rocks the ‘barrow.

Mork FAQ

Videotape from HUNTME4SPORT.COM and Mork Encino

Mork Casual

Boxed blush summer afternoon. layin base for a prime Lake Powell tan. 

Smokehouse Up close!! videotape!

check out the smokehouse!